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Therapeutic Active Wear

Features and Benefits of Cool Chemo ClothingTM

THE PROBLEM: “After my breast cancer surgery they sent me home with all these drains and tubes, I didn’t know how to manage them”

“There are no other products on the market that provide this solution. When I had my surgery two years ago the solution was to pin the drain to your blouse or put it in your waistband. Neither being comfortable or secure options. “ Founder, Kathy Adams

Drain Holder Drain Pocket (detached) Drain inside of pocket Drain outside of pocket
  • Discreet snap channels manage the tubes to the drain pocket
  • Styling is fashionable and comfortable
  • Drain pocket is secure and completely removable after treatment is complete
  • Made from wicking material for sensitive skin
  • Designed by a breast cancer survivor JUST LIKE YOU
  • Cut for easy access to the medical port if needed during treatment and drawing the eye away from the chest area for aesthetic reasons
  • A choice for someone not wanting to wear prosthesis full time
  • Sleeves cut to address the issues of lymph edema
  • Matching Cool Chemo Cap™ and Cool Chemo Pant™
  • The versatile styling allows one to dress them up with a few key accessories, or use them as comfort clothes, and still maintain fashion and function.

Offering Cool Chemo clothing as a solution to the patient will minimize the search for resources to assist them in the ongoing management and healing process of surgery.

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These garments are designed to be dressed up by adding a favorite scarf or accessory....or used as everyday wear.

After one is finished with the drains, simply take out the drain pocket and continue wearing these attractive pieces for your yoga classes or just lounging around. They were designed and manufactured with comfort in mind.

15% of all sales through YoungSurvival.Org will be donated back to the organization.
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